bend you horns​/​swan song

by montclaire and great friend of mine



This is a split between montclaire and great friend of mine DL here


released April 30, 2011



all rights reserved


great friend of mine Orlando

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Track Name: I. Gethsemane, next day.
There was a glass house.

Perched on the roof was an iron bird.

Dwelling within was a man dressed in neon bulbs.

Your hands (O how alive)

shined like gold should.

Your painted face mouthing words

as transient as chalk on wood.

O black hole,

between your dissenting lips,

And how you moved!

Hands like canes of the blind,

feet like Jazz without time.

Those neon bulbs, how they shined!
Track Name: II. Like a pendulum, hanging feet keep time.
Weeks later.

Diving before dreaming.

Sinking between white sheets.

My eyes no longer bright.

I kissed myself.

Holding back my father’s beguiled words.

He told of Evil Kenievel

while my teeth rotted in my careless head.

men without fate

Now my nearsighted eyes close;

I am the age of my mother

when my older sister breathed her first breath.

Too young to know.

How I am that man becoming an armchair—

skin stretched to bone—

the floral print: dyed ash of the dead greats—

their graves screaming

for the life of a new soul,

their tongues hardened

to the words I speak.

How a city roars

while I am back roads

with high beams in my eyes,

set under streaming lights

tinseled across the night’s sky,

summer sweating my bones dry,

and home in the dull eyes

of the bodies laying next to mine—

how alive, O how alive.